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Eating Healthy Starts With Libby's - Studies have shown that increasing your consumption of fruit and vegetables can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases such as heart disease, strokes, and some cancers.

Libby's products, the choice of generations, are the nation's third largest brand. With over 60 different products and sizes - from 8 oz. Whole Kernel Sweet Corn and 6 oz. Diced Peaches to 108 oz. Cut Green Beans and 23 oz. Fruit Medley - Libby's offers among the industry's most complete line of canned fruits and vegetables. Since canned sealed-in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are just as good for you as fresh-picked, make Libby's part of a delicious and healthy diet for you and your family.

For special occasions where nothing less than the best will do, serve one of our Libby's Gourmet items. Delicately flavored pickled beets, extra-special sweet corn and green bean varieties, perfect whole baby carrots and tiny sweet peas will delight even the most discerning tastes. If you're looking for items with just vegetables and water, then look for Libby's Naturals. Natural goodness is re-defined with nothing but incredibly flavorful, fresh-picked vegetables and pure water. No additives whatsoever. Ideal for side dishes, recipes, and snacking right out of the can...perfect for those on a sodium-restricted diet. Finally, full of nutritional goodness, our organic products are great tasting and good for you! Libby's organics are free of harmful pesticides and unnatural substances. Not only are these products delicious, but they are versatile. Whether you use them as side dishes or in casseroles, soups and salads, there is always a reason to serve Libby's Organic products.

Libby's fruit products are hand selected at the peak of ripeness and nutrient content from the finest orchards. With the same quality assurance that begins in our grower's orchards, we reinforce the integrity of our products by making sure all raw produce meets our high standards. Our fruit items offer healthy, flavorable product perfect for an afternoon snack or as an addition to lunches. Peaches are fortified with 100% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for vitamin C while Libby's Pears are naturally fat and cholesterol free, and low in sodium. Our Mixed Fruit products combine the delicious taste of peaches, pineapples and pears, or cherries, delivering 100% of the RDA for vitamin C.

For a quick healthy snack or to indulge fruit cravings, try our 6-ounce Jumbo Cups which are grown in sunny California and packed to offer 50% more fruit compared to the usual 4-ounce fruit cup products. Libby's fruit is available in light syrup, heavy syrup, pear juice concentrate, or Sweetened with SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener offering only half the calories and carbohydrates.

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Libby's Sweet Peas are low in fat, low in calories, and a rich source of fiber. They provide Vitamins A and C, plus calcium and iron. Use them for their sweet flavor in side dishes or part of a recipe - from soups to salads or stews to casseroles and pasta.
Our corn products have been growing in popularity year after year. Libby's Sweet Corn can be used straight from the can or as an addition to chowders, casseroles and stews to enhance flavor. Any way you serve corn, it's sure to please your family.
Libby's Whole Kernel Succotash is made with tender lima beans and corn, packed at the height of freshness for that home-grown taste. Can be used to perk up the flavor of salads or as a side dish.
Libby's Sauerkraut is always firm and crisp, with a tangy flavor. This product is low in calories, with no fat, and no cholesterol. With the addition of caraway seeds, Libby's Bavarian Sauerkraut offer consumers a product with milder flavor.
Harvested and packed at their peak of flavor and freshness, Libby's Whole and Sliced White Potatoes are great tasting and nutritious too! They are one of your most versatile vegetables as the perfect addition to stews and casseroles, or even chicken or beef pot pies.
California produces nearly 40% of the nation's canned pears. The Bartlett pear is very flavorful and lends itself well to canning. We harvest our pears when they have reached the proper size but are still firm. We then hold the pears and ripen them as you would at home. The resulting fruit is firm enough for a well-defined appearance, yet tender and pliable in texture with exquisite flavor.
Libby's Peaches are hand-picked at the peak of flavor and ripeness and processed within hours to seal in the flavor and nutrients. Consumers look for the sweet, unmistakable flavor and rich, golden color of our peaches all year round.
Libby's Mixed Vegetables and Peas & Carrots bring a variety of garden-fresh vegetables together for a versatile meal. They are delicious, nutritious, low in calories and fat free. These products are great as a side dish or used in your favorite casserole recipe.
Libby's Mixed Fruit offers a twist on traditional fruit cocktail with a variety of fruit medleys that incorporate Clingstone peaches, Bartlett pears, seedless grapes, cherries, and pineapple. If you love your fruit bursting with cherries, our Cherry Fruit Mix is even more special with an extra dash of brilliant cherries.

Chunky Mixed Fruit is a delicious and inexpensive way to serve fruit. The eye appeal and flavor of this product make it perfect for salad bars and fruit compotes.
Our fruit cocktail is the combination of diced Clingstone peaches, diced Bartlett pears, whole seedless grapes, pineapple tidbits and cherry halves.

A tasty and consistent mixture allows for easy control of serving size and has endless applications. Use as a dessert, in gelatin molds, as a garnish, or even as an appetizer. Our fruit cocktail is available in heavy syrups or fruit juice.
We process our carrots to preserve natural vitamins and minerals while maintaining superior quality. Libby's carrots are tender and sweet, and can be used any time of the day as a side dish or in a variety of recipes.
Libby's beets are carefully selected and harvested at their peak of ripeness to provide farm-fresh flavor in every bite. These beet products add a delicious difference to meals whether served as a convenient side dish or as an ingredient in a favorite dish.
Our asparagus is hand selected, hand cut, and hand-packed to give consumers a high-quality product. This tender and flavorful vegetable can be used as a side dish or added to omelets, soups, or salads for enhanced flavor.
Patterson apricots have become the standard of the industry because of their uniform color, intense flavor and firm flesh. Our apricots are packed at their peak of ripeness, making this wonderful fruit available year round.
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